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Q How can I Embed My Survey?

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For Public Surveys, you can embed a survey inside an iFrame of any webpage, thereby making it part of any web page you desire. You can also embed a pop-up survey on any page of your company’s website. Automatic scripts allow you to choose how often you want this pop-up to appear.
Just follow these steps:
1) Go to 'Launch a Survey'
2) Select a survey by checking the appropriate box next to the survey title.
3) Click the 'Embed Survey on Website' and click 'Continue' button.
4) In Step 1, select 'Embed Survey on Website' or 'Embed Survey Invitation as a Pop-Up In a Webpage'.
5) Set the Display Settings for the survey. Modify the Message, Width, Height and Pop-Up Timing.
6) Click Generate Code.
7) Preview the survey before integrating it on your website by clicking the Preview Survey button.
8) Copy the generated code and paste it in the appropriate webpage.
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