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Q Can I pre-fill questions with information already known about our participants?

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Yes, using SoGoSurvey's Pre-Population feature, you can pre-fill known respondent data such as name, title, company, etc., directly into surveys for a personalized experience.
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How do I use the pre-population feature? I have read the User Manual on this and found it unhelpful...
Step 2 says to 'create a list in Contact Manager'. Where is 'Contact Manager'?

Also, can you use this feature to classify respondent data that BECOMES known during the survey?
i.e. your 'known data' would be a response to a survey question. For example:

Q. What is your code?
A. X123

(the feature would then perform a search for 'X123' in the data file, and classify it with a corresponding code, e.g. 'Type A'. You could then determine the piping of the survey for that respondent based on their 'Type A' classification)
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