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Q How do I change the colors in my survey?

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From the Question Manager, select the Look and Feel tab (the tab to the right of the Question Manager). We have four customizable survey templates and many pre-designed color schemes within each template. Choose one by clicking the leftmost drop-down option under Choose Style. Select a color scheme by clicking the drop-down directly to the right of the style drop-down.
To customize the colors in one of our templates, click the “+” symbol next to Choose Color Palette and click on the colored square that corresponds with the portion of the template that you want to customize. Choose a new color on the color palette. Or you can click the icon in the bottom right corner of this pop-up window to choose a color from the entire spectrum. After you select a new color, click Save Color.
For the ultimate customization, if you know the hexadecimal code of a color that you want in your survey, you can type it right into SoGoSurvey. This is the six-character code that appears to the right of the color square.
Click Save at the bottom of the screen to retain your customization.
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