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Q How do I share reports with others?

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You can email any type of report you create in the system. After you have finished creating your report, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the SEND VIA EMAIL button. You will have the opportunity to title your report, insert a name to be included as the sender, insert an email address to be included as the sender, the subject of the email, and the email addresses (separated by a comma) to which you would like to send the report. The body of the email is fully customizable, except for what appears between the arrows (<-----Place this line where you wish the survey link to appear-----> ). If you delete or modify this placeholder line, the link to your reports will not work.
At the bottom of the report, you can indicate the date on which the report will expire. If the recipient tries to access the report after this date, he/she will receive a message that the report is no longer active.
You can also share reports via Facebook and Twitter.
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