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Q How can I create a list?

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SoGoSurvey allows you to create and manage panel lists with as many participants as you need to facilitate bulk invitations to thousands of participants. You can create lists through the List Manager by following these steps.
Step 1) Click on List Manager in the Launch a Survey module. Click New.
Step 2) Choose a name for your list. Be sure to make it recognizable so that you select the correct list when sending out your invitations. Click Next.
Step 3) Define additional attributes, including any information that you want to have in your list. If you have a column for First Name and another column for Gender, you have two attributes. Select (2) columns and then type in the name of your attribute columns. Click Next.
Step 4) Define a Source for your list. You can add contacts manually or import from an Excel or CSV file. You may also create this new list from an existing list or from survey responses.
Step 5) Populate List. If your spreadsheet file has headers (such as the words First Name above all of the names in a column), then check the box to Ignore First Line Or Column Heading. Next, match up the columns on the left with the corresponding drop-down box to the right. When you are finished, click Done.
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