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I am trying to set up a survey that would allow nurses to evaluate certain physicians in terms of satisfaction, collegiality, etc. I have 11 physicians I would like to get evaluations on. They work mostly on 4 wards and I would like to get opinions from all of them if possible. I worry that if I send the survey and allow nurses to simply pick the doctors they evaluate from the full list, I will get skewed results (since people generally take the time to fill these out only if they have something very negative or very positive to say). So I am thinking of sending different groups of nurses on each ward surveys of specific physicians (they would actually be identical surveys tied to different physicians). I would like to make this as efficient as possible and I also don't want them to think that the sender (me) knows who is evaluating whom (particularly since I am one of the physicians being evaluated). Is there a way to push the survey to randomly choose a physician from a list when it is launched/accessed? Is there some other way someone can think of dealing with this?
I know its kind of a confusing question. I can try again if you need more explanation.


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