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Q How to create an online quiz using SoGoSurvey?

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SoGoSurvey is ideal for making an online quiz, it is easy to use and provides rich user experience on all latest devices. SoGoSurvey can be used as your quiz maker in these easy steps:
1- Create a survey and add questions to it. For more details refer : http://forum.sogosurvey.com/topic128-how-to-create-a-survey-using-sogosurvey.aspx.
2- Before you publish the survey, go to 'Survey Settings'.
3- Navigate to 'Step 2' and enable 'Assessment Survey', you can also set a time limit to make the survey time based. The timer can also be displayed on top-left corner of the screen as user attempts your quiz.
4- Click on 'Save & go to Question Manager'.
5- Now, on the 'Question Manager' tab, click on 'Assessment Settings' from the menu above.
6- You can now set score of each answer option in your survey.
7- Once done, click on 'Save'/'Save & go to QM Main'.
8- The quiz is now ready to be published.

Please find useful resources for making a quiz here: http://www.sogosurvey.com/quiz-maker.aspx
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