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Q How to create a survey using SoGoSurvey?

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SoGoSurvey has simplified the survey creation process, within few clicks your survey is ready to be sent out. We have shared a Step-by-Step procedure to create one yourself:
1- Go to 'Design a Survey' tab.
2- Click the 'Create New' button.
3- Fill in the 'Survey Title' and select the 'Survey Language' from the drop down. You can also add multiple secondary languages. Once done, click on 'Continue'.
4- You can now start adding questions from 'Add New Question'
5- Select the question type of your choice and position it as per your requirement.
6- You can modify the appearence of the survey under 'Look and Feel' tab.
7- And edit survey properties under 'Survey Settings' tab

You can also have a look at our video tutorial at: http://www.sogosurvey.com/Support/Design-a-survey.aspx or take a tour section at: http://www.sogosurvey.com/Take-a-Tour/overview/

Once your survey is ready, you can proceed to 'Launch a Survey' tab to publish it.
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Thanks for your help.
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Learn more about how to create a survey from scratch here.

Hope this helps!
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